The board room review is an integral aspect of the governance process for a business. It gives the board to determine if its members’ skills and experience match the strategic needs of the business. It assists the board in identifying the gaps in its expertise and identify future opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the board.

The board of directors is the primary the governing body of a company. It makes decisions that impact everyone, from employees to shareholders. As a result, it is crucial that the mother board is in top condition to be able to function effectively. A peer-review of the board is a way to make sure that it is in top shape. However, they aren’t easy to conduct as they often contain significant critique, and require a skilled facilitator.

The Board Room and Speakeasy, located in a strip center named the Del Prado Shopping Center in Novato, is a fun discovery. Munther Masarweh, executive chef-owner of Ricky’s Restaurant in Novato and Scrumptious Occasions catering in Novato and designer Michael Brennan recreated a supperclub that could have been found in mid-century Kansas City and Chicago. The decor features an antique bookcase that can be lowered to reveal the speakeasy.

In 2004, Boardroom Review Limited was established. Boardroom Review Limited offers confidential advice and works in partnership with senior decision makers to improve the effectiveness of boards and increase their resilience. It has extensive international experience in PLC and mutual as well as private equity-owned companies across many different sectors.

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