Board rooms are the center for the decision-making that runs the business. It’s where ideas are rejected, reconsidered and then accepted. A lot of cups of coffee are consumed while members are forced to endure a series of boring presentations. Today’s technology in the workplace can help facilitate meetings and make them more collaborative and productive.

The right technology for meetings can provide directors with the tools they require to interact with each other and their remote audiences. Apart from enhancing collaboration, these tools will ensure that all board members are engaged and are able to take part equally, regardless of location or device.

One of the most powerful tools for boards is a board portal. Board portals have become a popular tool for boardrooms because they provide an entire suite of tools to help boards prepare for meetings and collaborate during them.

Another important piece of technology used in boardrooms is interactive whiteboards. These interactive panels are incredibly efficient and let teams think of ideas, create them, and then create exciting presentations. These panels are usually designed to work with video conferencing platforms, and feature the most current software for creating content. BenQ’s EZWrite suite is a prime example of a suite of software that allows you to draw, write, and display information on your screen in real-time.

With the right conference room tech your meetings can be the most productive they’ve ever been. Contact an DGI consultant to find out more about the tools that are the best for your company.

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